Mariella Csl – Mariella’s Way

Mariella CSL is Manhattan and  Italy based art dealer and art expert. She is also the curator of several private collections located between Europe and South America.


imageLivia Malcangio – Interpreter, Institutional Protocol Expert, and Writer

Livia Malcangio is a professional interpreter, who translated for a number of world leaders during G8 Summits, international conferences and humanitarian missions. She was the personal interpreter of the Governor of Lazio Region for five years, and her clients have included George Clooney, George W. Bush, Tarek Aziz, the Mayor of Rome, and Italian and foreign Prime Ministers.
Co-organising the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates since 2001, she has developed a significative knowledge of the diplomatic protocol, a skill which is becoming rare amongst consultants. In 2013, she has published her book Being Nobel.  She has worked as fixer for several Tv Crews.


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