About me

Alessandra Pugliese – Journalist and news producer

Born in New York just a few years ago, I am the the founder (with Francesca Riario Sforza in 2012) of Stringer in Italy. I am currently a freelance journalist (member of the Italian Journalists Association), a tv news producer, a stringer and a fixer for many international media. I has worked for The Wall Street Journal Europe, Rai, Reuters Tv, La7 TV and fixed for  The Washington Post, Dan Rather Production, NPR,  Radio Canada, The New York Times Video, Bloomberg TV, Al Jazeera web, The National, Deutsche Welle and the Sunday Times among others.

I have also worked as press officer for cultural events, publishing groups, media programs, political campaigns and NGOs. I have been spokesperson of the President of the Human Rights commission of the Italian Senate in the XVI Leg, councilor to the Ministry of Culture in the XVII Leg and most recently press officer of the Italian Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs.

How can I help you in short: I find solutions (both for journalists and TV productions) on every sort of topic. I set up interviews, organize and plan. I also take care of every aspect of the logistics from accreditations and permits, from drivers to make up, lodging and dining and whatever else is needed

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